Morse Receives Salter Award

Bob Elliott presents award to Joe Morse

October 10, 2012 – The California Citrus Quality Council is pleased to announce that Dr. Joseph G. Morse of the Department of Entomology at UC Riverside was this year’s recipient of the California Citrus Quality Council’s prestigious Albert G. Salter Memorial Award in recognition of his steadfast dedication in the field of entomology which has contributed vitally to the California citrus industry.  Dr. Morse was presented the award during a citrus industry luncheon at the 2012 California Citrus Conference in Porterville.

For over three decades Dr. Morse has provided timely research results and valuable educational resources to California citrus growers and pest control advisors that have enabled the continued economic well-being of the citrus industry.  His extensive efforts in studying the control of citrus thrips, a primary pest of concern to the industry, has led to the registration of new materials needed for its management as well as a continued search for non-chemical alternatives.

Dr. Morse has focused much of his efforts on pests of quarantine concern in export markets, which are critical to the economic viability of the industry.  His field studies and publications on Fuller rose beetle are vital as this pest continues to threaten the industry’s access to essential markets.

Accomplished researcher, educator and administrator, his continued contributions have earned Joe Morse the appreciation and gratitude of the citrus growers of California.

The Salter Award recognizes an individual for their significant contributions and their dedication and commitment to the citrus industry.