The Council’s primary objective is to ensure that California citrus production meets domestic and international regulatory standards. CCQC works with government agencies, international standards setting organizations, the University of California, the California citrus industry and trading partners to help the California industry meet domestic and international phytosanitary, food safety, food additive and pesticide residue regulations.

Korea Septoria Program

This section contains NAVEK Guidelines, Handouts, Spray Application Tables / Notices, and more. (more…)

Australia Preclearance Program

This section contains the Australia WorkPlan, 7-Point plan, and more. (more…)




Comprehensive libraries of alerts and advisories. Visit often for the latest information. (more…)

Chemical & Regulatory Issues

Information on crop protection tools and pesticide policy issues that impact the California citrus industry.



Latest News:
  • Citrus Workshop Schedule
  • USDA NASS releases 2018/19 California Navel Orange Objective Measurement Report (view) – Sept 12, 2018
  • Sept 20, 2018 Preseason Export Meeting Agenda  Korea/China Agenda; Australia/NZ Agenda
  • USDA NASS releases 2018 Citrus Fruits Annual Summary Report – Aug 2018 (view)
  • Advisory – Australia Phosphine and Cropfume Protocols – Aug 10, 2018 (view)
  • CDFA releases 2018 California Citrus Acreage Report – Aug 3, 2018 (view)
  • Advisory – Guidance for Korea MRLs – July 23, 2018 (view)
  • Update: Chinese Retaliatory Tariffs – July 20, 2018 (view)
  • New Study reveals California Citrus Economic Impact – May 2018 (view report)
  • Advisory – China Tariffs – April 9, 2018 (view)
  • CDFA releases 2017/18 California Valencia Orange Objective Measurement Report (view) March 8, 2018
  • Common Treatment Charts updated May 2017 (view)